Get on Board Little Children by Victoria Randall


The title enough is ominous, but it was the blurb’s provocative question that made me want to read this book. What if you needeget-on-boardd a permit to have a baby? This turned out to be Sophie’s Choice 2.0 without Meryl Streep’s emotional intensity.

This part dystopian, part speculative novel follows the main character Sophie and her husband after they find out they are pregnant with twins and they don’t have the permit for one twin much less two. There are so many current social and cultural ideological themes running through this book that at times it didn’t feel very speculative or dystopian.

It was an easy read for me, but mostly because I skipped a considerable number of pages hoping to find action. There wasn’t a lot of that and what remained was a very bland, annoying main character.  Perhaps the fault is mine because I like to see strong female leads, and this character in every scene was a victim of circumstances, reacting instead of acting throughout the book. For that reason, I would give this a three star rating.

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