Picture this

Coming up with a fresh post can be harder than it looks. Yes, I suppose I could just look out my window and write about the assembly line of cars going by and the bird that’s been chirping all morning, stuck on the chorus of song I don’t recognize. Or, I could write about how I hate that soon winter will be here and I will miss that annoying bird.


But, no one wants to read about that. What always gets me inspired for a post is a picture.  One of my favorite image sites is pixababy.com. You can find images from pixababy.com throughout my blog.

The site provides free images. You have the option to buy the artist a free cup of coffee in return. It’s like going to a museum that posts a recommended donation.  Check out the site, but do buy the artist a cup of coffee. We need to support their caffeine intake so they can continue to provide these great images!

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