Gods Behaving Badly. . .

“Throughout the ages I had been known by many names.  Aries’ whore.  Bacchus’s muse.  Goddess of witchcraft and magic. Hekata. Hecate.

Cate was what I called myself.

Even after almost eighty years, I still hadn’t recovered from my fall from grace. It had made me ordinary. Not quite human, but ordinary, nonetheless. I had an apartment. I paid rent. And, when I could afford it, I even ate.
I didn’t know if I was fooling myself, but I still believed that if I could carry on like this for another hundred years, Hades would keep his promise and I would get my soul back. But, already, the world had crushed me.  I was tired of the rankness that greeted me each time I rode the subway and I was tired of enduring the human tendency to inquire about my well-being.”
-Gods Behaving Badly (Book One)

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